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12/30/10: Joshua Stulman, MFA '10, talks about Clinton Hill's Hadas Gallery

12/29/10: Congratulations to Garry Klein, M.S. City & Regional Planning '88, on his new role as an associate broker with Goldschmidt & Associates

12/27/10: Joe Vecchio, B.Arch '98, discusses his career and his own renovations

12/23/10: A writer discusses Ayse Birsel's (MID '89) work and puts Birsel's design process to work in her own life

12/21/10: Kate Kosturski, MSLIS '10, is the American Library Association's 2011 Emerging Leader for the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA)

12/18/10: Designs from Patricio D Andrade, B.Arch '10, examine human migration patterns in Chile and structures to help in this continued endeavor

12/18/10: Robert Sabuda, BFA ComD '87, talks about his pop up book design practice

12/12/10: Janet Dash, BFA Graphic Arts and Illustration '60, writes in the NY Times about traveling to her 50th reunion (scroll down to the third entry)

12/10/10: Bill Gold, Advertising Design '40, discusses his long career in creating film posters

12/9/10: Alumna Martha Walker’s steel sculpture pieces will be featured in upcoming film “The Art of Love”

12/9/10: Kristine Dee, MID '01, talks about her industrial design background and her work in fashion

12/8/10: Leah Bedrosian Peterson, BFA Photography '00, exhibits photos and videos from travel in southeast Asia at Lycoming College

12/6/10: Salman Toor, MFA '09, exhibited at the Canvas Gallery in Karachi, Pakistan

12/1/10: R. Bruce Flowers, MFA '84, talks about his work in public spaces

11/28/10: Charles Stickney, BE Chemical Engineering '36, and wife Dorothy reflect on their marriage of 70 years

11/24/10: Anthony Goicolea, MFA '97, will work with Calvin Klein Inc. window displays. Click here for slideshow.

11/24/10: Paul Eckley, BFA '40, talks about art and his love of planes

11/24/10: Former Pratt students Matthew Bradshaw, BID '05, and Sergio Silva collaborate on a line of architecturally inspired jewelry. Click here for slideshow.

11/22/10: Evan Dobos, BFA ComD '06, moves his design company into new space in downtown Torrington, CT

11/19/10: Congratulations to Gary Shaffer, MS LIS '06, on his new position as CEO of the Tulsa City-County Library Commission

11/18/10: Alumni Nina Zilka, Jeff Dodd, and David J. Krause (who make up the twentyten) are profiled, and tell the story behind their new collection

11/18/10: Bernard Springsteel, BFA Sculpture '53, opens a gallery in Greenport, NY

The work of Timothy Kuzmeski, BFA Fashion Design '10, is front and center

11/11/10: Alumni Sam Cochran and Ben Howes discuss their company, Sustainably Minded Integrated Technology

11/11/10: BFA Photography alumnus Mark Bussell writes in the NY Times about his mentor, former Pratt faculty member Ken Heyman

11/11/10: ComD alumna Pamela Ptak and former Project Runway contestant was featured on NFL Network

11/10/10: Art and Design Ed alumnus Derrick Adams is profiled and talks about the Miami creative scene

Project by architecture alumnus Philip Tusa has been selected as one of's World's Coolest Offices (Click here and here for images)

11/5/10: The Wall St Journal interviews Debbie Han, MFA '99, on tea and art

11/2/10: Art Education alum Lorna Ritz has work on loan for the Art in Embassies Program in Caracas, Venezuela

10/29/10: BFA Illustration-ComD alumnus Harry Boardman talks monsters

10/29/10: BFA Drawing alumna Mandy Mitchell has co-founded ShopNativeLA, a resource for locally designed clothes and accessories

10/27/10: BFA Photography alumna Katrina Boemig talks about her new exhibit: storytelling, memory, and staying afloat

10/26/10: BID alumnus Peter Teniuch is named Executive of the Year by Stanford Who's Who

10/25/10: BFA Painting alumnus Kevin Walz curates shows from a 10' x 10' shop on Via del Pellegrino, Rome

10/21/10: BFA Painting alumna Hale Güngör recently exhibited work focusing on windows and viewpoint

10/20/10: BFA Fashion Design alumna Kasia Wisniewski and her work are profiled in her hometown paper

Holiday card by alumna Kim Sall is now on sale at MoMA

10/17/10: Carnegie Museum of Art director and BFA alumna Lynn Zelevansky is profiled

10/16/10: Boombox collector and Grad ComD alumnus Lyle Owerko was profiled in the NY Times

10/13/10: 3,500 of BFA Graphic Arts alumna Marilyn Church’s courtroom sketches to be added to the Library of Congress (click here for slideshow)

10/7/10: B.Arch alumni Serban Ionescu and Eric Juron have formed artist collective The Objectionists and exhibited their work in Troy, NY

10/1/10: BID alumnus Alvaro Uribe’s Savanna Side Table is featured

9/29/10: Design alumnus James Gager becomes Senior VP, Group Creative Director for M*A*C, La Mer and Jo Malone.

9/24/10: BID alumnus Louis Nelson and honorary degree recipient Judy Collins are featured in NY Times’ “State of the Unions” section

9/21/10: Q&A with BFA Fashion alumna Jennifer Bryan, costume designer of CW's Vampire Diaries

9/16/10: Work of BFA Sculpture alumnus Steve Balkins, enthusiastic curator and toymaker at Burlington Toys, is featured

9/15/10: Fourth collection exhibited by fashion design label the twentyten, composed of Fashion alumni Nina Zilka, Jeff Dodd and David J. Krause - with assistance from Jewelry alumna Carrie Bilbo

Work by BFA Photography alumna Susan Duca is in the spotlight

9/12/10: Alumni couple Jane Nowitz (Merchandising & Fashion Management) and David Nowitz (Electrical Engineering) are featured in a spread on wedding yarmulkes

9/9/10: BFA Drawing alumna Barbara Spooner-Miller still paints at 93

9/6/10: BFA Painting alumna Mickalene Thomas was featured guest on “Saturday Mornings with Joy Keys”

8/30/10: Music performance by SILS alumnus Daniel Lopatin is reviewed in the NY Times

8/30/10: A DailyCandy Q&A with BFA Fashion Design alumna Samantha Pleet

8/23/10: Alumna Emily Leibin reflects on the anniversary of ADA

8/20/10: Designs of MID alumnus Charles Constantine are featured on Design Milk

8/20/10: SILS alumna Jess deCourcy Hinds writes about book abuse

8/19/10: Alumni couple Najim H. Chechen and Caroline Prieur Schulz will display their sculpture, lithograph and bronze at SUNY Orange. Through Sept 10

8/18/10: BID alumnus Samuel Cochran and sister Teresita update how we gather wind and solar power

8/18/10: B.Arch Joan Abel talks about her Hoboken Wetland Project and how it can prevent against flood damage

8/17/10: Alumnus Todd Triplett was interviewed about his project Free Candy - a multi-use art space - and using Kickstarter to raise needed funds

8/15/10: The sartorial style of BFA Photography alumnus Randle Reed is put in the spotlight

8/15/10: BFA Painting alumnus Bob Johnson built a soapbox derby cart inspired by Louise Bourgeois and her famous "Maman"

8/13/10: Q&A with former Pratt ad design student George Lois - plus photos of his gorgeous home

8/11/10: Art and Design Ed alumna Dorrit Woolf continues to create art and teach, post-retirement

8/10/10: Electrical Engineering alumnus Samuel Landol has been appointed to the Obama administration's Manufacturing Council - congrats!

8/10/10: A treasure trove of images and video about MID alumnus Harry Allen's body of work

8/6/10: BFA Painting alumnus Enoc Pérez is profiled, talks influences and inspiration

8/5/10: Congratulations to alumnae Maya Kopytman and Amy Siegel on their new roles as Partner at C&G Partners

8/4/10: MID alumnus Eric Ludlum discusses new store Core77 and the theory behind it

8/4/10: Alumni couple Elke and Saul Sudin are launching SUDINmagazine to showcase Jewish art and artists

8/3/10: Alumnus Richard Lafarga designs figurine models and gets into the details in this profile

Check out recent Comd grad Aaron Ricchio's work, on view at the Dieline

7/30/10: BFA Film alumna Jane Wu talks about her senior thesis, "Bookgirl," which recently played at BAM

7/30/10: Alumna and art teacher Pauline Fancher turned 100 years old on Aug 7

7/30/10: The illustrations of alumnus John Rombola could be seen through July and August in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman

7/26/10: Recent BID grad Nick Foley talks design details of his new Etta bike (seen at the Pratt Show in May)

7/25/10: Art & Design Ed alumna Evelyn Zeman continues her art education at 97

7/22/10: MFA alumnus Najim H. Chechen recently opened his studio to visitors, with the purpose of showing how he uses his work to build bridges between Americans and Iraqis to create healing through art

7/21/10: Industrial Design alumnus Vincent Ciulla purchases and refurbishes the Bauhaus-inspired "Umbrella House"

7/19/10: In need of some furniture? Consider some items from west elm, designed in partnership with the Pratt Design Incubator. And congratulations to all alumni who worked on this project!

7/16/10: Congrats to BFA Film alumnus Scott Weinstein and his new wife Abigail on their recent marriage!

7/16/10: Veteran and Pratt alumnus Hank Sendlein was recently honored with the New York State Conspicuous Service Cross

7/11/10: Some of alumnus Sam Friedman's work

7/10/10: Fierce woodblock prints from MFA alumnus and faculty member Dennis McNett are featured here

7/7/10: SILS alumna Abby Moynahan was July's guest blogger on The Desk Set

7/3/10: Congratulations to MFA alumna Denise Mullen on her new post as president of Oregon College of Art & Craft

7/2/10: Interview with MFA alumnus B.B. Winslow on his work and what he cannot live without

7/1/10: Interview with MFA alumnus B.B. Winslow on his work and what he cannot live withoutB.Arch alumnus Afzal Hossain displays his paintings in his Jackson Heights cafe

6/28/10: Interview with BFA alumni Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino on their new album and how the creative process is like having a baby

6/28/10: BFA Art and Design Ed alumna Jennifer Ivey and her husband were recently featured in an exhibit, "Partners in Art," that explored collaboration and the creative process

6/28/10: Marginalia at the NYPL - featuring SILS alumna Anne Garner

6/25/10: Interview with B.Arch alumna and HGTV Design Star contestant Nina Ferrer

6/25/10: SILS alumni can be found working almost anywhere... This article and video feature the work of Nicholas Higgins and Sarah Ball

6/24/10: In-depth look at B.Arch alumna Laurie Beckerman's design, Ionic Bench

6/23/10: BID alumnus Tom Patti has been commissioned by the Berkshire Museum to create an original work of art for their entry vestibule

6/22/10: Antonio Sofán, M.Arch alumnus, designed an interesting vacation home in Columbia - complete with a spectacular view

6/20/10: M.Arch alumna Lisa Chronister returns home to Oklahoma and discusses designing for early childhood education

BFA alumna Shannon Keller talks about her work and shares her sketch, “They Come In Threes”

6/17/10: KidsCity suggests you bring your kids to the sculpture park on campus. We suggest you come visit too – with kids, significant others, pets, your iPod…

6/15/10: Pratt's School of Information and Library Science awarded IMLS grant in partnership with Brooklyn institutions

Recent Pratt Architecture alumna Danielle Pecora wins first place in the DESIGN 21 Game Changers Competition

6/11/10: Congrats to Comd alumnus Roni Sebastian on his recent marriage

6/10/10: The Pratt Institute chair debuts, thanks in part to BID alumni Mark Goetz and Tim Richartz

6/9/10: MID alumnus Harry Allen talks career and design, and shares images from his work and home

6/1/10: Congrats to B.Arch alumna Doortje Fenwick, Linwood NJ's 2010 Citizen of the Year

5/22/10: New Dallas exhibition for alumnus Il Lee

5/20/10: Congrats to alumnae Nina Ferrer and Emily Henderson for being finalists of HGTV's Design Star!

5/18/10: Alumnus Timothy Bellavia, MFA, is profiled for his work as an author, artist, and teacher

4/27/10: Samantha Razook Murphy creates a new opportunity for girls

4/23/10: Dorian McGowan, Art and Design Ed alumnus, talks about Pratt and a lifetime of achievement

4/21/10: Alumnus Steve Turoff becomes Chief Technology Officer of mumms Software

4/15/10: Urban Planning alumna Tupper Thomas retires from Prospect Park post

4/14/10: Architecture alumnus Joe Rosa appointed director of the University of Michigan Museum of Art

4/13/10: Alumna Claudine Brown becomes first director of education with the Smithsonian

Yuji Fujimura, Industrial Design alumnus, rethinks the bike

4/8/10: Artist and alumna Mickalene Thomas featured on Brooklyn Based

4/5/10: Alumnus Jason Fox restores and reinvents furniture

9/7/10: Margaret Cho wears a leather and sequin tunic designed by BFA Fashion alumnus John Renaud. See it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

8/22/10: Alumna Emily Henderson becomes the next Design Star (Be sure to check out her new HGTV show, Secrets from a Stylist)

4/26/10: Fashion design alumna Samantha Pleet in her studio

Street artist and Pratt alumna Swoon